Monday, 19 April 2010

Kit Review Part 1: Glyde Review extra

After a couple of days rest I couldn't resist taking the Glyde out for a gentle spin to stretch tired muscles. Before doing so I gave her a little bit of attention - I adjusted the 'boom' (in the case of the Glyde a sliding bracket on a fixed tube) as far forward as I was happy with and pushed the seat forward a couple of clicks on its rails. This both gives a little more scope for leg length adjustment and shifts the centre of gravity a little more onto the front end.
Whether it was a result of these changes, running without the luggage load or just having had time to rest up, Whitey was flying! Even at speed I wasn't noticing the brake steer problem previously mentioned.
I took her around my regular 10 miles loop. The speed on the descents was expected, but the nimbleness on the climbes was not. I've been riding this loop on my GTX and there are several climbs which alternate a few times between steeper and easier sections. On the GTX these are steady, constant climbs. On the Glyde I found I was accelerating on the easier sections and almost cruising up the steeper bits. Not that it was effortless, but noticably easier than on the unfaired trike. Given the GTX is one of the lightest trikes I've owned this came as a surprise.
I didn't have discomfort from my ankle on this trip but my knees did feel tired. I guess a daily repeat of this circuit for the next few days is the way forward...


  1. Hi Rob..
    Have you done anything to stop the noise inside the cockpit?

    Glyde #3

  2. Hi Runn,
    I was getting most noise from the rear valance flapping which I fixed by adding a length of adhesive door foam between the rearmost two screws on each side.
    On tour most every gap was filled with luggage so no room for noise! I was getting a boom on each front suspension hit but that didn't seem to be happening on yesterday's empty quick spin.
    Yesterday didn't seem to be much noisier than my Quest - maybe just a little rattle from the hatch.
    Glyde #2