Friday, 16 April 2010

Day 15 Swanage to Weymouth

30 miles.
The start of the day from Swanage to Corfe Castle was rather lumpy, just a little too hilly on tired legs to get much 'free' climbing from the prevous descent. After Corfe things eased up and I was able to wind the Glyde up a bit, getting the speed up enough on the downs to top the following hills without too much effort. Caught and passed a pair of touring cyclists and then a touring group on MTBs so even though my ankle is not feeling good I guess I'm not doing too badly.
Spotted a roadside catering trailer after turning off the Dorchester road towards Weymouth - these things seem to be getting pretty rare. Tea and a bacon butty was a welcome 2nd breakfast.
The remainder of the run down into town was nice and fast, and only rough along a few sections. The middle of town was full of stationary traffic. I normally just join the queue with a velomobile but there was a helpful bus lane so I just shot on by. By noon I'd reached the Swannery carpark where I'd arranged a rendezvous with Carol...
So time to break the news... with the increasingly painful tendon problem I'm calling a premature end to Glyde around Britain for this year. I've had knee problems take a couple of months to recover in the past so I really don't want to agitate this tendon problem any more than I need to. As things only get steeper from here on in I'm thinking the strain on the injury won't be getting any less. So that is the end of mileage for this year...
I think my biggest problme has been from starting the ride from such a low point of fitness and without having put a good number of miles in the Glyde to have my muscles trained ready to climb comfortably with it. The muscle strength has been arriving slowly, despite it feeling like the cold weather has been hindering it.
I guess the plan now is to review the kit and make plans for running another leg of the trip next year. I want to finish the trip but will have difficulty getting a long period of holidays. So I'm currently planning on hitting Glyde Around Britain for another two weeks in Spring 2011 picking up where I've left off.


  1. well you had a good 15 days. I'll be waiting for GAB 2011.

  2. Not sure if you'll check comments from a year later - but I just came across your blog. I'm enjoying it a great deal.

    I'm a brit living in NYC for the past 7 years. I seem to be heading towards a bit of a mid-lifer and have a crazy notion to tour England - sea on the left - on my Brompton :)

    I'd start in Newcastle my home town.

    I'm not particularly fit so it's good to read a blog about someone who is much fitter attempting this. I need to get in shape!

    Thanks again - I'll keep on reading as I see there is 2011 blog archive to explore.

  3. Yup, still keeping an eye on things. I was hoping to be out on the 2nd leg of the trip now but it hasn't happened this Spring.
    I wasn't in great shape when I set off in 2010 - I'd been away from cycling for a year due to a medical problem. I'm sure as long as you are in reasonable shape fitness will quickly come on the road :)