Thursday, 28 March 2013

GAB Part Deux

The year started off well, putting the miles in. January started warm and turned wet. February was cold but the miles happened. March has been a write-off. Oh well...
The game is now back on working fitness up towards another leg of Glyde Around Britain - this time with Kate. I've only got a week off work so the plan is to get a lift down to Weymouth (where Part 1 ended) and pick up the coastal route towards Devon, Cornwall and back along the north coast to, perhaps Bristol or Chepstow... The route plan is keeping as coastal as practicable so I should get 500 miles or so in, hopefully with either time to grab some of the south coast of Wales, or to ride the extra 100miles back from Bristol to Derby.
And hopefully Kate will behave herself, unlike the Glyde last leg.