Sunday, 18 April 2010

Glyde Photos Part 1: The East

As I've been asked for more Glyde photo, here are a run of images of the Glyde at different points in the trip. I've divided this post into 3 sections to keep the size down...

The camping setup, including a tarp to keep the luggage inside the Glyde dry:

Lunch stop in Clackton:

I couldn't resist the chance to visit Frinton and collect proof that I'd been there:

Heading into Lowestoft:

The most easterly point in Britain, and, on this occassion also the wetest...:


  1. Hi Rob,

    So this small package of Powerfilm is enough to keep your lights running the whole year? Amazing! Thanks for the links! This can be of interest for me too!

    Regards, Adri.

    1. When I used the bike for work I'd have the lights on during my commute. The bike was parked outdoors during the day. Only in the darkest months did I need to perform extra charging of the battery. Be careful - a phone uses a lot more power so you will need to do your calculations. The panels are very light and flexible - attaching nicely to the curve of the bodywork.