Saturday, 10 April 2010

Day 10 Folkestone to Normans Bay

Today was 57 miles and a day of extremes. The climb out of Folkestone was not too evil once I found it. The finding consisted of going over a viaduct only to circle arround back underneath the same bridge... Weird ideas... The campsite owner had warned me the climb was as bad as the one out of Dover if not worse. Now the Glyde climbs nicely even with the camping load but only when rolling at a good speed. Due to the niceties of city design this climb was from a standing start... But it wasn't actually that bad. And then the reward! The first half of the day, a day heading west since turning Hellfire Corner at Dover, was on good roads with a tailwind. I just geared up and up, faster and faster until top! In the towns I backed off ready for someone pulling out but then back into cruise... So places were just a blur until Lydd which curiously claimed to be home to London-Ashford airport. Curious in that it is near neither....
Had a bacon butty stop at Camber when the little back road around Dunge Marsh was surprisingly busy. A council worker told me they get 20,000 visitors a day on a sunny weekend.
The climb through Fairlight was evil. With several lying summits and the descent into Hastings was mostly wasted.
Smaller roads to the campsite and ... It wasnt there! A call home and further searching and it waa another quarter mile south of the position in my GPS. Oh well found it and got to have supper on the sunny but rather cold beach...

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