Thursday, 8 April 2010

Day 8 Hoo to nr Sandwich

An odd day. I was up early having spent most of yesterday afternoon hiding from rhe rain and dozing in the tent. Heading into Rochester I was tempted by a cyclepath. It ran alongside the dual carriageway i needed. So i got to the first sideroad and some twonk had parked over the dropped curb... After blaming two suspicious council workers who claimed it wasn't theirs they helped lift the Glyde over the precipice. So following this path suddenly there is a fence between me and rhe road. Then it turns into a dirt track but reassuringly has a NCN sign. Then I popped out on the road approaching the dual carriageways where the story started...
So i took the main road and followed signs for the A2 as main route through the Medway towns. And a surprisingly nice ride it was... Most traffic must be using the parallel M2...
It was nice to pull of the fast road onto lanes heading to Whitstable. Finding an open cafe on a section of beach and seawall i stopped for lunch. Whitstable and Herne Bay both seemed nice places but only enough time for a photo op.

The roads were all terrible though. Several long sections of very rough concrete block with joins every couple of metres and many sections with severe potholes where it was hard to tell if the intended level was the highest or lowest one.. Pushing on to Reculver where my OS map said there was a tent campsite but all I found were rows of static caravans. Bah.
On the was out I had a tyre fail. Double bah.
Fortunately I had a spare tyre snd was able to continue to my originally planned campsite. Which leaves me with a dilemma. I've detoured 10 miles or so inland to the backup camping' and am fairly close to Sandwich. But I've missed Margate and Broadstairs. Im thinking of just heading onwards as it seems pedantic to double back for completeness...ho hum... Next planned stop Folkestone via Dover.
Today was 52 miles.

A couple of shots of the Glyde's luggage spaces :-



  1. Hi Rob

    I really enjoy reading your blog. I live in Australia, though travelled to the UK a few years ago and worked in Gillingham, Kent for a while.

    Keep up the blogging.....Glyde Around Britain is the first thing I read each day.

  2. Wow, you have that luggage jammed in there. Keep up the cool blog.

  3. Yeah. Strangely it seems to fit in there easier than others...