Sunday, 11 April 2010

Day 11 Normans Bay to Worthing

A short 42 miles in order to pick up a supplies parcel. This morning's ride down to Eastbourne was gentle enough but several folk had warned me of the climb beyond... From the beach to 512ft onto Beachy Head sounded like it could be tough but actually had alpine style gentle gradients and it was just a matter of spinning up. Beachy Head with the Seven Sisters is spectacular chalk downland and when peeks allow, classical white chalk cliffs.
A second hard climb through Friston was an unexpectedly steep surprise.
On the run into Newhaven i called in at McDonalds for a breakfast coffee and the worlds smallest ever bacon butty. Not my usual haunt but it was 10am on a Sunday morning...
The run down to Brighton ran through several small towns but most of the route had a bus lane and little sign of busses this early. Brighton was already bustling so I dropped onto the cyclepath along the prom. Bright sun and the beach... Another 10 degrees warmer and no wind it would have been ideal. Another food stop at a beach cafe and the gentle ride into Worthing. I normally ride the velo as a car but on joining a huge queue I joined the motorbikes hopping past the half mile holdup for some roadworks. I'm stopping with a friend tonight indoors for a change. Unfortunately the postie has done a runner with my parcel so I've got my ticket and I get to go stare at them in the morning...
43 miles. Tomorrow will bring us the delights of Bognor, Fishbourne and Waterlooville where I have a rendezvous to give a Glyde test ride.


  1. Hi Rob,
    I have just found your site thanks to a post on the VV site. Great work on your site there is so much information that I will find useful. I am waiting for my first recumbent, a Trice QNT, it is on the way from France as I type.
    I am from Withensea, East of Hull and would expect that you will go through there towards the end of your trip. When you get close I will try and help with some local knowledge.

    Have you signed on to and both really good sites which may help with your accomodation problems. I also use

    I hope the weather keeps good for you.


  2. Hi Rob, Indeed, it's a small world. I believe you're stopping at my friend of a friends house. Is it tonight? Somewhere New Forest..y..ish. He's called Paul, he's been to my house for a cuppa, before. Say Hi from Caroline, this was all before Jezza, or Ziggy were even a twinkle in my eye.