Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Day 12 the missing blog

Worthing to Waterlooville.
42 miles.
Worthing to Bognor Regis was easy enough. Denis had me on the road nice and early as he had to leave for work. I had a resupply parcel to collect and they opened at 7am so that was no problem. I grabbed a coffee and chocolate twist before leaving Worthing. Arriving in Bognor I was expecting to find a cafe but Bognor appeared to be in a state of undress and hadn't even bothered putting any pants on yet. I took what i expected to be a quiet backroad out of town, awoiding the a road but everyone and their dog and all of their dogs' puppies seemed to have made the same choice. I've no idea why there should be a mad exodus from Bognor along this route at 10am but there you are. Perhaps they were all heading out to buy the missing pants...
When I eventually turned off onto a somewhat quieter road I stopped for a navigation check. I'm using an OS map based GPS that automatically plots my position on an image of a real map but the screen isn't great in bright sun and this was the start of our mini heatwave so I was hunched down into the cockpit to read the map. When I looked up I had an RAC van with orange flashing lights and two mechanics wandering over to check I was OK. I thanked them and sent them on their way, started to set off and discovered i had a flat rear tyre... Bah bah bah...
A quick repair and I was soom in Fishbourne. As I only had a short day as I'd arranged to stop with Paul I had time to visit the remains of the Roman palace. The main mosaic that the site is famous for was stunning but I felt the rest were a bit underwhelming. Maybe I've just been spoilt from visiting Roman sites in southern France.
The ride through Havant wasn't that great and Waterlooville was clearly a dorm town for car drivers of Portsmouth. I was at Paul's house for 2pm having spotted no other distractions en route. I knew Paul wouldn't be back until 4:30 so i just dozed as i waited. When he arrived we had a cup of tea and talked bikes for a bit. I offered to order takeout but at 7pm Paul drove us out to get food. We waondered around Asda but by this time i was running rather low on energy. When we got back at 8pm i just couldnt stay on my feet without passing out so went straight to bed without food before falling over...

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  1. I know Paul, well he knows my mate Anj from Sheffield. It was all before Jezza was even a twinkle in my eye.