Thursday, 1 April 2010

Day 1:Mablethorpe to Hunstanton

A gentle ride down to Skegness where I'd arranged Carol to meet up just in case of needing a full toolkit as this was my first real ride with her . Decided the screen wasn't helping because it had got greasy marks on it obstructing the view. Decided safest option was to do without and sort it after the trip. Got held up in stop start traffic in Boston for an hour after battling strong winds all the way from Skeg. The A47 was 20 miles of fast heavy traffic with no realistic alternative route. But with the wind on my back I did get to cruise it at 3 gears off top. At Hunstanton I tried the YHA but it was full. Being cold and tired I checked into the B&Bb next door. I know I'm supposed to be camping. Tomorrow will be under canvas... 73 miles. I'd wanted more. Maybe tomorrow...