Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Day 6 Bradwell to Gravesend and then some

Today started with the rather odd experience of heading north... In order to visit a 1400 year old stonebuilt chapel... St Peter on the Wall. I can't imagine there can be many buildings built in the 7th century in the UK that are still standing and still in use... There should be photos to come but I don't think they'll do it justice.

By contrast when heading back south i found an equally exciting bacon butty shop in Southminster. The rest of the day was precision navigation to avoid the bigger roads and built up areas of South Essex. I didn't know Billericay was in Essex - I'd have guessed it was in Ireland.
Eventually arrived in Tilbury for 4pm and managed to load the Glyde on board but I was then followed by three motorbikes so the ferry is clearly not as "foot" as it could be.
Coming out of Gravesend I realised something had shaken loose in all the fun of the day. I spotted an MOT station on the A226 and pulled in. The guys were great and quickly had me on my way...
The ride out to the campsite featured some nice lanes with views of the shipping on the Thames but an evil uphill dual carriageway with a helpful end of cycle lane sign at the start of it. The site owners are great and I managed to scrounge a cup of tea as I put my tent up. Another long day at 72 miles including the detour to see the chapel and the ferry trip.


  1. Well done mate,keep up the good work reading your blog reminds me of my trip to norway in september!keep spinning those pedals,like to see some more pics of the glyde and what has the reaction been to the glyde on the road?

  2. I'm so jealous, I want to do something like this someday! What's a bacon butty shop? and a MOT?

  3. A Bacon butty shop is a place that sells bacon sandwiches, usually in a big bread roll. An MOT is an annual check up that all motor vehicles have to have by law once they're three years old.