Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Day 7 rest day

I was thinking during the evening last night that I really ought to have a maintenance session for Whitey the Glyde. Then when i didn't get up until 8:30 this morning i thought that a hint. This morning was fixing and adjusting. Lunchtime was shopping in Hoo and fish & chips.

Reception has been great everywhere. Yesterday a very Afro Carribean looking gentleman wrapped in gold chains in a big low white car yelled "Yo Bro" as he spotted me which seems like acceptance for the pair of us.
One useful feature of the East Anglian villages that i fogot to mention is the installation of fixed bike computers. Each village has an illuminated sign that give you your current speed! No need to even take your eyes off of the road... These are that new that i passed the team installing them.
The plan tomorrow is to head out to the North Kent seaside resorts and find a pitch for the night....


  1. Rob - Good Luck on your trip - We're based in Kent and took a trip out to Margate today on the off chance the kids could try and spot the man travelling in a white egg! - unfortunately your day of rest so we missed out:( No worries. I don't know if you're set-up would allow online tracking of your location which would be fun to see.

  2. Yeah, sorry - carrying the tech to have have live GPS tracking but I don't have the available power to leave it on all day :(
    I'm now planning for GaB Part Deux in 2011 and will look into having more onboard power and the possibility of live tracking - but then you'll all be able to tell how slowly I'm riding and how long I'm spending in cafes.......