Sunday, 24 January 2010

Learning last weeks lesson...

This week I came prepared - following advice from Fenlander I've picked up a pair of 'Crocs' (just plain ordinary Cayman, not the fur lines type) to use as camp shoes. As they're some kind of impervious plastic they also served well for wading through the icy floodwater carrying the bike where I wasn't daft enough to try riding again this week - doubly so as the level looked deeper than last time...
Would have been a nicer ride if I hadn't had a visit from the fairy of holes-in-tyres-that-let-the-air-out-but-who-should-not-be-named courtesy of Farmer Giles who left an unavoidable trail of hedge flailings across the road when he went from one farm track to the other...


  1. I really, really, really hate it when farmers leave lanes strewn with Hawthorn hedge. Gits.

  2. Gday Rob from New Zealand,
    Brilliant blog, just found it. Here is mine
    I intened to do something similar although travelling with Saxes & busking as I go. Intend to purchase all my kit including bike in UK prob at D-tec or your post on camping kit is fantastic. I also intend to use the Warm Showers list and will be using an iphone.
    Will be following your progress with keen interest!
    I leave NZ on Mayday...mayday,mayday...which is fast approaching
    cheers & ciao

  3. Gday Jimu,
    Tell me about fast approaching dates! I'm about 35 days from departure now...
    I'm signed up for your blog so will be following your progress when I'm around - not sure how good net connection will be when I'm on the road, and I plan on riding hard so not having much free time after eating and sleeping!
    Glad my mutterings are useful.
    Oh, and make sure you contact Kevin at D'Tek in advance of arriving - he can sometimes be hard to catch...
    Good luck!

  4. Gday Rob,
    Good to hear back so quick! Yeah already know about Kevin's flighty-ness.

    Time permitting I'll be doing a few pre leaving NZ blogs seeting the scene for the I have my 60th birthday in April.
    Cheers & Ciao