Sunday, 3 January 2010

The Distance is known

My task over the holidays has been to plot my route for the trip....
This has been done using, a website that can generate the necessary navigation files to use in my GPS. It might seem like the simple option of keeping the sea on your left would do the job but there are an awfully large number of dead ends and I really don't need the extra mileage.
So, the route is plotted and the sections added together - the distance on the map is 4094 miles. This is a little bit of a relief because I was worried I'd come up with more than the inital advice I had that it was 4300 miles.
Of course a route plotted on a paper map does not mean that is the mileage that will be recorded in real life - even without taking wrong turnings! For that we will have to wait and see....

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