Sunday, 17 January 2010

Getting the miles in

After a series of 10 miles rides in the snow since New Year I got out for a longer ride today - I managed a 36 mile loop around the southern Derbyshire Dales. And very pleasant it was too.
Apart from one problem.
Approaching a railway bridge on a quiet back road there were flood signs. It didn't look that deep and was just a puddle - no flow to it risking getting washed away. So I geared down and pedalled on in. It came up to the wheel hubs. It came up to the chainring. It came over the top of the wheels at which I point I realised I was floating above the seat but was still clipped into the pedals. I kept pedalling, pushed the front wheels around to give extra grip and slowly emerged from the other side... Lovely. Chest deep cold water, with the final traces of ice and snow on the ground around. Fortunately this was the start of a hilly section so I was at least generating enough body heat to drive off the worst of the wet. Bah!
The car driver who rolled up as I emerged didn't even risk trying to get through...
But hey, a 36 mile loop is a good effort in my return to fitness.


  1. I'll try to remember to pack you a snorkel next time :-)

  2. The lengths some people will go to for a bit of resistance training ...

  3. Hurray! Excellent training for a trip in New Zealand, Rob.