Sunday, 12 July 2009

Weekend shopping...

After walking yesterday, today has been a rest day leading to internet shopping and some incoming additions to the gear list:

1) An EINZEL-KOCHER alcohol burner, shown here in Fenlander's Step-by-Step blog. This was chosen as a one-piece (ie. nothing to break/fall off) backup to the MBD Uno#1 where I'm worried I'm going to lose a small part, split a tube or something critical... As it weighs next to nothing and costs just a tenner it seems worth the investment.

2) I've been sufficiently impressed with the ease of use and customer support from the folks at Satmap (upgraded to the latest software this weekend thanks to them posting out a memory card with the new software on it free of charge) that I'll be ordering the Full UK Landranger (1:50k) maps for the Satmap Active 10. A full set of Landrangers for the weight of between two and three paper maps - a bargain! If I get the order in tomorrow the SD card should arrive in time for a longer walk north of home next weekend.

I forgot to mention in Sneak Preview that I'd picked up a Terra Nova Laser Competition at the Backpackers Club AGM meet. I was already fairly convinced to go for the Laser rather than the Akto by the lighter weight. When I tried the Laser for size to make sure I fitted and I was offered a brand new one at price too good to refuse the decision was made. It had its first pitching on a recent holiday to the Isle of Mull but I must confess I slept indoors. Further testing of the tent will have to wait until later in the year and until I've got more miles in my legs for walking...

Finally, I've been using Alpkit Gourdon rucksacks so far. I have these in 20l and 30l models. They are basically rolltop drybags fitted with a rucksack harness system. I'm planning on using these inside the Glyde as 'panniers' and, in the meantime, they're working out fine for day hiking.
For anything other than minimal overnight backpacking I'm thinking I'll be needing to move up to 45l or so. I'm looking for something to carry lightweight gear from multi-night trips up to doing something like the Coast-to-Coast. Ok, you can laugh now, the cyclist has the backpacking bug! At the moment the light weight of the Osprey Exos has attracted my attention but I'm nowhere near sold yet as it isn't cheap. Suggestions in the comments section below please...


  1. Rob, have you looked at the Golite range? the Jam 2 seems to be well liked although I haven't tried it myself. The price looks tempting and if you sign up for the newsletter there's a further 10% discount.

  2. Oh delema, delema... Podcast Bob has it for a couple of quid more...
    Bah, Bob recommended it too and got the sale. I guess I owe him for all his good work at the Outdoors Station...
    I must be getting soft not going for the cheapest option!
    But thanks Mac E for halving the original spend!