Friday, 31 July 2009

'Blue Peter' Time - Part 1: The 33p Foil Windbreak...

Step 1 - take a large foil cooking tray (3 for £1 at Wilkinsons):
Step 2 - trim off top & bottom edges. Flatten remains to a sheet.

Step 3 - Curl sheet around pot and use as below (MyTiMug sitting on EK backup meths burner):
The windshield wraps around the mug for storage...
Weight is 14g. Lighter foil is available but I wanted something resiliant enough to last my 6 week trip.

After all the weight last week, and finding when I got back I'd been carrying 3 stoves I've thinned things down and this combination will be "the kitchen" for this weeks hike - so test results coming soon!


  1. Good source of foil Rob but I'd suggest making the windshield long enough to surround the pot with a part cut out for the handle.

  2. I wasn't just intending it to be for the meths burner, but hey, damn the expense - I'll blow the other 66p worth of trays on a Clone Cone... Was there a printable template somewhere?

  3. :-)

    I can send you the template (I think) to suit the Mitymug/EK Alcohol Burner but if you download the relevant programs (GS View & Ghostscript) you can edit the parameters on the template text file to suit any pot/burner conbination.

    You can download both at the link above.

    The basic template is a text file that you can edit in Wordpad etc.

    Tempted to shoot down to Tesco and see if they have any trays similar the ones you got.

  4. Cheers! Go for it!
    Disposable BBQs look like another 'recycle opportunity' for thick alu foil...