Friday, 31 July 2009

'Blue Peter' Time - Part 2: The cosy cooking system...

A pot cosy kit (from
A 470ml lock&lock box (from Lakeland).
Aluminium heating system tape (from B&Q).
Some industrial velcro I already had around.

Step 1 - form a pouch around the box in the same way as wrapping a present.
Step 2 - seal any joints with Alu tape to keep it tidy, prevent it unfolding and to make it look nice.
Step 3 - Add velcro so it can be held shut.

I'm thinking 470ml should be about '1 serving' of whatever.
97g for the plastic box, 28g for the cosy. Yes, I know that is 4 Colin Ibbotson 'trowels' but I'm looking for kit that will last for a 6 week trip and won't make a mess - the Lock&Lock boxes aren't the lightest I've seen but they have the best seal so I can be sure if I leave my dinner in my pack to rehydrate, it will still be in the box when I'm ready!

Thanks to Tinny at Mini Bull Designs for his podcast showing using a plastic freezer container as a rehydrating container & eating bowl.
Thanks to Podcast Bob et al for promoting the pot cosy idea!
Next step - field testing!

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