Thursday, 30 July 2009

A stove breakthrough!

Tonight I've had a breakthrough with the Einzel-Kocker stove. After much coaching by MacE I've got a repeatable 8 minute boil time for 375ml of water just using a handful of sticks picked up last walk!
The trick appears to be to use WAY less fuel than you think!


  1. Thats the key Rob, it uses far less fuel than you think it would. All you need is to keep a constant flame going. The type of wood plays a part, some burns slow and hot some burns away too quickly but while it would be nice to be able to select the best wood the reality is that you have to use whatever's available.

    8 mins is a very respectable time.

  2. Some of the stuff I had seems very dense and was putting the flames out when added (from the weight and it being hard to catch light) - which I think is where my smouldering problem was coming from. Splitting it with a knife stops that and the dense stuff seems to burn REALLY well - I'm not feeding it any where near as fast as your new video... I guess just a matter of practicing and getting a feel for it :)