Monday, 21 March 2011

Bank holiday season but no Glyde Around Britain...

With Easter/May Day bank holidays falling in rapid succession along with a bonus 'Royal Wedding' bank holiday I was hoping to get in there and spend another 2 weeks taking Glyde Around Britain around Devon and Cornwall (the south west/bottom left corner of the UK) but it is not to be...
Following disruption at the manufacturer I'm still running 'Whitey' rather than the production Glyde I expected to have had, firstly, in time for last years ride and, secondly, shortly afterwards.
That would all be well and good but Whitey is also waiting on a critical spare part... With a month to go before this year's 'departure date' I've resigned myself to cancelling for this year.


  1. Still spaces if you fancy the SPEZI again - could no doubt pick you up en route as per last time...

  2. Cheers Peter! Tempting tho it is, I think leaving a gap between visits to the SPEZI makes it a more useful event...

  3. Awww sorry to hear about that Rob, but YOU'VE got to feel right.

  4. Yeah, last year I set off on a bike delivered the Friday before that that was 'at risk' and there were problems.
    This time around I've had a few broken parts and not received replacements for them yet. With the next section being VERY hilly I need the bike running in top condition.
    Oh well, I'll try again in 2012...

  5. Greetings from a Geordie in New York. Just read all your posts (left a comment back in 2010 for you). Great reading.

    I look forward to your further adventures and building inspiration for a possible Brompton Round England trip - a fantasy for me.

  6. It would make a very different trip by Brompton - suddenly all the 'pedestrian' ferries that Whitey won't fit on are available...