Friday, 25 June 2010

A new Glyde...

I've been quiet for a while now. After this year's leg of Glyde Around Britain I had what I had planned on being a 2 week recovery holiday up on the Isle of Mull. This was mainly a walking holiday and Whitey Glyde got to spend time with another rider. She's been away racing in Europe. Now Whitey is back and I've been getting some evening riding in and starting to think about Glyde Around Britain 2011...
Good news in that direction - a little later than expected, the body for the Glyde I ordered for the trip has popped out of the production line and has arrived at the factory ready for assembly. And one upside of the delay - I get the first of a run of an improved, lighter weight version - over 1kg lighter than the production models - maybe even more so when compared to Whitey.
So at last in a few weeks time the bike I planned on using for my trip should be here ready to get used to her and up to fitness before next spring.
And I do owe many thanks to Greenspeed for getting Whitey here to stand in in the meanwhile.

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  1. Hi Rob, just spent the past hour reading up on your blog, must admit I'm well impressed. A keen cyclist myself (although I suspect a lot older!) I was googling for info about riding round Britain and came across your site. Never come across the Glyde before, but years ago built myself a Recumbent out of an old shopping bike, worked a treat! Will keep an eye on your activities and wish you all the best in your continued adventure around the Island for 2011.
    If I may I'd like to add your link to my blog, might inspire others!..........Best wishes CG.