Monday, 22 March 2010


Rumour is that the trike has shipped...
With departure date being 10 days away I'm just a little worried it won't be here in time. I'm hoping UPS do their stuff and it'll be here soon. With luck it'll be here by Friday so I've got the weekend to take it out for a spin and get at least a little bit used to it.


  1. Hi
    I just googled "pan cosy" and found your site.
    May 1st 2010 sees me off on an solo round Scotland kayak trip.
    Am looking for a pan cosy to see if it can reduce gaz consumption, by slow cooking food from boiling point with out further heating.
    Things like rice, pasta etc. Any way nice to see antoher mad person ...:)

    Like you Im in the middle of last minute organisation, equiping and training .........

    Good Luck M8t

    Duncan RD Woodward
    Blog at

  2. I can't wait for your ride report! (T.Sue)

  3. Hi Duncan,
    Ah, I just finished reading the Brian Wilson book of your trip - sounds wild!
    I've been testing with a Lakeland Lock'n'Lock box in a pan cozy envelope - can't remember if I blogged it yet. Just chuck all the ingredients in then add boiling water. That works with porridge - double benefit is that it keeps the pan clean for boiling more water for tea.
    I'll keep an eye out for you - if you hit Mull after the 15th May I'm stopping at Shore Cottage on Duart Bay (cottage by the jetty opposite Duart) for a recovery fortnight - you're welcome for a cuppa!

  4. Hi T.Sue - looking forward to my 'Parcel' arriving..............
    Hopefully first ride report at the weekend!