Monday, 29 March 2010

A bit down...

The Glyde is assembled, the gear is stacked ready for sorting tomorrow night. I'm feeling worried that I've just not had chance to put any miles on the Glyde before leaving - after reading plenty of travel books where people have set off on straight-out-of-the-box equipment and I've laughed at their problems. I've put the electrics together but they've not had any road time so they might not be up to road vibration. I'm sure the bike hardware will be but as the Glyde is enclosed I don't have a fallback plan if I loose the winkies...
I thought I'd planned to avoid that problem. But no....
Oh well, I've got the holiday booked. All I can do is set off and see how things go. I was hoping to get down to Tilbury for the ferry on Saturday as it is closed Sunday and Monday for the bank holiday. I'm now wondering if I'll be able to get there for Tuesday when it opens again or maybe aim for the Dartford QE2 bridge which I'm told has a road 'bike ferry'...


  1. Rob,
    I'm especially interested in the ability of the Glyde to carry gear. Seems like some of the modifications they've made since the early versions have significantly decreaced the payload. Especially if you've set the seat all the way back, I'd love to see photos of where your gear is going to go! Since I am shorter than you, I'm hoping there will be room for a grocery bag or two behind my seat.
    thanks, and good luck to you!

  2. There comes a time in all ventures when the planning and preperation has to stop and you just have to bight down and hold on for the ride. Sounds like that time is approaching? Doubts and concerns are normal. When you get a few miles under your belt and you're into the daily rythm they'll blow away with the wind and you'll just deal with whatever comes your way.

    Break a leg!

  3. There looks to be plenty of luggage space, just it is split between several locations. I'm looking to use:
    1) Above/in front of each wheel arch, strapped to space frame. Michael said there was about 20l of space each side. I think a flatish, squishy parcel like an ortlieb bag packed with clothes or a thermorest & something else similar sized.
    2) There is a good void in the tail for something light. I'll be putting the bubblewrap worksheet in there and maybe my spare folding tyres.
    3) Each side of the rear wheel. This looks to be good for a tent sized package either size. Not sure how much weight it'll take as it is just glass and no frame - but my tent is light. I guess sleeping bag on the other side.
    4) There seems to be space for low, flat parcels either side of the seat, maybe 3-4in stack height without elbow interference, taller at the front.
    5) Behind the seat - was planning on putting Camelbak there.

    The behind the seat space will be more useful if the chain has a tunnel to cover it. On this demo model the chain runs in a channel but is exposed to the top. I think some formed zote foam is all it needs to prevent the risk of loose luggage getting caught. That would also prevent any rubbish in the cabin ending up snagging the chain.

    I'll be packing at the campsite on Wednesday. Will try to remember to take photos of what goes where.

  4. Good luck Rob! Sure it'll work out and if it doesn't, it can be fixed :-)

  5. Hi Rob. I am neither a major cyclist nor an adventurer, but take my hat off to you for what you are doing. Wishing you the best of luck. I shall look forward to following your progress. Richard

  6. ...and you have a patient and wonderful wife!
    have a great trip!