Sunday, 29 September 2013

GAB 2013 Day 2: April 22nd - Dawlish

Packed up, breakfast had, tea drunk, rolling before 8am.... Good stuff.

Kate's 'other' handlebar coming off over a bump on the descent into Dawlish - not so good.

 The Other "Unpluckable Console" is Plucked

The carbon bracket that makes up Kate's right handlebar pivot parted company from the inside of the wheel arch in exactly the same was as the left hand one did on her first long trip to the Nederlands. This is very clearly not a roadsite repair - or even a day-at-the-campsite-following-a-visit-to-B&Q repair. So a phone call to Carol for recovery and a very careful limp down into Dawlish to await rescue by an easy-to-find landmark, that being The Railway Station. Fortunately Carol was visiting her mum before heading home to Derby so was only 45minutes away by van rather than 4 hours.

Whilst I was waiting I toured the delights of Dawlish, which looked like they may be quite nice once they've finished building them. Most everywhere seemed to be tape, cones and builders. I pulled up to a coffee shop and wandered in, ordering a coffee. "Do you have anything to go with that?" I asked, expecting the usual offering of overpriced cakes but no, "No' came the answer. This seemed somewhat strange...

So having drunk the coffee I noticed the cafe next door had opened and that it did indeed offer food so I retired there to await my rescue.

Specs: 9.6 miles, 351ft of climb, 8.3mph average speed.

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