Friday, 24 August 2012

Updated Toolkit

I got caught out last week riding Kate. I had a mechanical failure, ok, kind of self-inflicted - a plastic chainguard I'd made disintegrated jamming the chainwheel and I didn't have a tool with me suitable to cut it away. So, after needing to get a lift home I've updated my toolkit...

I've added (at the bottom) a Leatherman Skeletool and (in the middle, edge on) a 7mm spanner. They're both retained with small sections of 3M Dual Lock - kind of like velcro but there is only one 'type' and it will stick to itself.

So the Lezyne wallet now holds:
Skeletool (pliars, wire cutters, knife)
Crank Bros multitool (allenkeys, screwdrivers, chaintool)
Mini tyre levers (worked surprisingly well on a 28mm Durano a few weeks ago)
Repair kit
7mm spanner (fits cable clamps on Sturmey Archer drum brakes)
Set of spare cables.

Obviously added to that when out riding is phone, cash and cards.
Unfortunately, if you like this toolkit and would like to follow suit, this 'large' Lezyne wallet that will hold an iPhone has been replaced by a smaller version. This is the 'Smart Wallet Elite' if you're searching for 'new old stock'.


  1. Every Rider should have a proper tool kit with him, it is one of the most important thing to keep with you..

  2. 'Proper'? Workshop tools are heavy. Many people spend a good amount of time and effort getting their ride as light as practical. Getting the balance right for an on-bike toolkit is challenging. The acceptable compromises depend on many factors including the remoteness of the location being ridden, the variety of fasteners on the individual bike and the weight the rider is willing to carry.