Sunday, 13 November 2011

Tool Kit Hack: Lezyne Elite Wallet Reworked

The Lezyne wallet, given that it is promoted as a wallet, has a very mean pocket to hold cash - it will take a few coins or a folded banknote but little more. Enough cash to grab some food and drink at the cafe stop but it'll struggle to hold enough money to cover a night away.

So time to hack:

Step 1, use a stitch picker to remove the existing sewn-on pocket.

Step 2: I grabbed a cheap and thin wallet from eBay and used Sugru to 'glue' it into place in the Lezyene wallet. I left it overnight with some packing to push out the sides of the Lezyene wallet and with a heavy weight on top to ensure the two pieces were in contact.

Step 3: A little additional Sugru around the edges to keep it neat and prevent the glue peeling.

Step 4: Finished - a couple of pockets for banknotes and slots to drop in 3 credit cards.

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