Friday, 30 September 2011

The increasingly inaccurately titled "Glyde Around Britain"

After problems with the hardware delaying this year's leg of Glyde Around Britain I have opted to change my ride. Last weekend I went on a quick trip to Germany to try the new Go-One Evo-K and now have one on order. This is a lightweight carbon-kevlar-honeycombe monocoque velomobile expected to still come in at around 20 kilos even tho I've added rear suspension, a mountain drive and uprated 90mm drum brakes to the specification list. Ok, the styling isn't as dramatic as the Milan we saw on the same weekend but the ride quality, handling and performance of the Evo-K were impressive enough that I put down an order there and then. Expected delivery (ok, I'll probably go over and ride it back) is May 2012 - perhaps in time to grab a quick week dash 2nd leg of GAB around Devon & Cornwall...

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