Monday, 3 August 2009

Woodstove success!

The more I use this little stove, the more I like it!
Tonight my first 'proper' end-to-end run using the EK750OB - using some home-made tinder, started using some of the tinder on the end of a stick from a spark from a firesteel and knifeback, sticks collected on Sunday's walk... 375ml of water, around 8 minutes... Yay!
Afterwards I deliberately let the stove die down to embers to practice bringing it back to life. I struggle on this. Tomorrow evening I have plans to meet up with Dave Watson of Woodland Survival Crafts in a local wood for some quick one-on-one fire training and to see if that is all I need or it is worth booking onto one of his 3-day firestarter courses!


  1. What knife did you end up getting?

  2. I went for the simplest offering - a Frosts Craftsman 740 in Carbon Steel with a red polypro handle. As I don't know knives a basic £10 offering seemed a good starting point. It strikes the firesteel and it splits the twigs I've collected that are too big...